Immigration Lawyer Toronto

Immigration Lawyer Toronto


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Are you looking for a Toronto immigration lawyer? You have come to the right place. An experienced Toronto immigration lawyer can provide you with the necessary guidance, knowledge and insight into the Canadian immigration system. If you plan on visiting, working, studying or settling permanently in Canada it is in your interest to speak with a Toronto immigration lawyer.

Working with the Canadian government and trying to navigate through the immigration system can be complicated – with convoluted laws and paperwork, interviews and hearings, the entire process can be overwhelming. Individuals and families need to be satisfied that their application is prepared competently to ensure the quick and affordable processing of their immigration file.

Immigration Lawyer Toronto

With the tightening on immigration laws and regulations, it is becoming more difficult for individuals and families to migrate to Canada. Applications are being denied at a higher frequency now than ever before. This is in part due to mistakes made by individuals who are self-represented and make mistakes on their applications. Having an immigration lawyer assist you can reduce the chances of error and the consequences that may result from an ill prepared immigration application.

Toronto Immigration lawyers provide legal advice and assistance on all types of immigration matters, including the following:

1. Permanent Residence

Individuals who immigrate to Canada are referred to as ‘permanent residents’. While they are not automatically citizens upon getting such status, they do have certain rights in Canada despite being citizens of their country of origin. These rights include health care coverage, the ability to work and study in Canada, protection under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the ability to apply for Canadian citizenship. However, to maintain such status, Canadian immigration law requires the fulfillment of specific residency obligations.

Toronto immigration lawyer can assist you with applying for permanent residency through various programs and schemes enacted by the federal and provincial governments including:
• Family Sponsorship (spouses, partners, dependent children and eligible relatives)
• Federal Skilled Workers (selected based on educational, work, language and other standards)
• Business Immigration Program (investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed)
• Canadian Experience Class
• Provincial Nominee Program

2. Temporary Visitors

There are many reasons to visit Canada without having any settled intention to migrate to Canada permanently. You may want to visit as a tourist, to visit your family, to consider business and investment opportunities, to work or even study. If you plan on visiting Canada, a Toronto immigration lawyer can assist you with any of the following applications:
• Visitor Visa (for travel as a tourist or for business)
• Parent and Grandparent Super Visa
• Study permit and student work permit / visa
• Temporary work permit / visa

3. Refugee Claims

Canada prides itself on being a country welcoming of those who flee their country of origin due to persecution. Over 25, 000 refugee claims are processed by Canada per year. The processing of a refugee claim requires a hearing; therefore, representation by a knowledgeable and effective immigration lawyer is advisable. Immigration lawyers specializing in refugee law can provide invaluable assistance to individuals and families seeking protection in Canada.

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