Why your law firm should be using call tracking software

Call Tracking For Law Firms

As more and more law firms discover the power of online marketing in recruiting clients, too many law firms fail to fully exploit all the benefits online marketing can deliver. Whether you are conducting expensive pay per click (PPC) campaigns or more economical social media marketing or any other type of online marketing, you need an efficient, accurate, and robust way to track how your marketing efforts online impact client recruitment.

If you simply assume that you’re getting clients due to online marketing, you might be running a campaign that is unnecessarily expensive, inefficient, or which leads to wasted client recruitment opportunities. You need to have the proper tool to make sure every dollar you spend on online marketing actually benefits your law firm. The best way to do this is to use call tracking software to track calls and inquiries you get from the Internet.

Never lose online leads

If you don’t have an effective way to track potential client calls, you might be losing leads. These people need someone to talk. They aren’t interested in leaving an email. Your tracking system must be able to record their calls, track it, and account for it. This way, your staff can easily get back to the prospect and set up an appointment. Stop losing potential clients by looking seemingly unresponsive to leads you get from the Internet or mobile devices.

Keep track of your online marketing campaigns

You might be shelling out hard earned dollars month after month for your online marketing campaigns. Whether you do the actual marketing or you have an outsourced company do it for you, the results of inattention and bad tracking are the same: you end up losing money.

Using call tracking software is an integral part of your efforts to maximize your advertising campaigns’ return on investment (ROI).You have to keep an eagle-eyed focus on the cash you shell out for online advertising if you are concerned about your firm’s financial health. At best, failure to properly monitor online marketing campaigns can lead to you settling for cents on the dollar as far as the benefits of online marketing are concerned. At worst, you might just be throwing good money after bad.

Optimize your online marketing campaigns

Call tracking software for law firms also enable firms to reduce ad buys from certain traffic sources while increasing exposure at others. By giving you the data you need to see which leads produce the most actual client recruitment (as well as trying such recruitment to actual case value), your use of call tracking software enables you to get more value out of your online marketing campaigns. It’s no secret that online marketing campaigns for law firms can get quite pricey. Maximize your results by optimizing your campaigns. Call tracking software gives you the data to make this happen.

If you are still on the fence on whether your firm should buy call tracking software, keep the discussion above in mind. Using call tracking software might turn out to be one of the best investments you’ve ever made as far as your online marketing efforts are concerned.