Lawyer Local Search

Lawyer Local Search

Lawyer Local Search Optimization 

There are many advantages to using local search optimization methods such as Google Places. For lawyers, it can be extremely useful to connect with local clients.

Google Places

Formerly known as Google Local, Google Places ranks local businesses and helps them to achieve more local clients. Last fall, Google decided to merge this search optimization process with the natural Google search engine results. Many lawyers are utilizing this method. It helps to ensure that they reach a wide group of potential clients in their local area. In order to achieve a high ranking, lawyers must create a very attractive and thorough Google Places profile.

Making the Most of Your Profile

Lawyer local search optimization in the digital age is highly important. To ensure that you get the most out of your Google Places profile, there are several things to keep in mind. Firstly, the profile should be completely filled out. This gives the impression of professionalism. Pictures, videos, and testimonials from happy clients are beneficial at creating a positive online image. Google Places allows profiles to be customized for individual lawyers as well as law firms.

Benefits of Google Places for Individual Attorneys

More local listings inevitably lead to more exposure for lawyers. Another benefit to lawyer local search optimization is the specificity it allows. Lawyers practicing one specific type of law can keep the spotlight on themselves. Google Places allows a lawyer who practices divorce law, for example, to differentiate themselves from other local law firms which offer different legal services. Google Places also permits users to directly connect their law firm’s website to their profile.

Benefits of Google Places for Law Firms

Law firms with several attorneys might be under the impression that setting up a Google Places profile for the entire firm is a stressful, difficult process. Much to the contrary, Google Places allows law firms to set up one individual profile for the firm. Then, you can go on to add additional profiles for each lawyer under that firm. In the case of firms with multiple office locations, these can be easily specified on a Google Places profile. The entire process is simple and effective.

What to Avoid

Lawyer local search optimization is far more effective when used correctly. A lawyer who spams their Google Places profile with keywords, for example, is unlikely to reach many clients. A better idea is to repeat your company’s name enough times that it is easily recognized. Linking your law firm’s website seamlessly to your Google Places profile is also a good idea. It helps to hold potential clients’ attention and ensure they do not have to do extensive searching to find your firm’s website on their own.

Other Advantages

There are more benefits to using lawyer local search optimization than simply client outreach. For example, law firms with large numbers of lawyers can utilize Google Places’ spreadsheets. The spreadsheets ensure that the process of building up additional listings is smooth, seamless, and stress-free. It also saves a great deal of time. In addition, Google Places creates greater exposure for satellite offices.

Individual lawyers as well as large law firms will undoubtedly find lawyer local search optimization to be highly effective marketing. Google Places is a simple, hassle-free way to distinguish yourself from the competition and ensure that clients know how to reach out to you.

If you want to setup your own Google Places pages, simply follow the instructions on this page:

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