Lawyer SEO Marketing

Lawyer SEO Marketing


Gone are the days where you could put up a simple web page, build a couple spammy backlinks to it and watch it rise to the top of search results. With the latest Google update, high quality content, a clean website, and social media presence is more important then ever.

A lot of lawyer websites that we come across have the same old boring information that has not been updated in years. Google wants to see fresh content added to your website on a regular basis. For example, you’ll notice a lot of websites ranking on page one of Google have blogs and are updating it regularly. This is a great way to build content and rank high in the process. Although content is important there a lot of other factors for lawyer seo marketing as well.

Having a Clean Website:

Having a clean, easy to navigate website is the basic fundamental to any good SEO campaign. Use a CMS like WordPress and take advantage of thousands of plugins which can help improve your website in every aspect. Use relevant title tags with keywords but do not go overboard. Have relevant information in your meta description for each page. Do not just use a generic description for all your pages.

Social Media Presence:

Having a Facebook fan page might not land you a new client but being active, sharing content, and building a following will. Back linking to your website from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is also great for SEO, so make sure you have detailed social profiles. Having social share icons is a must, so having a Facebook share or like button on each page of your website is key.

Back Linking:

Everyone knows that back links are really important for lawyer seo marketing. But did you know that having the wrong kind of back links, or linking to too many of the same pages is actually hurting your website? Get a professional SEO company for your back linking, its not worth the time and stress of negative rankings in the future. A lot of SEO professionals outsource their link building and the majority are looking for quantity rather than quality.


Lawyer SEO Marketing 30 Day Challenge:

Are you interested in getting targeted leads from search engines? Then take the lawyer SEO marketing challenge. Try our SEO service for 30 days risk free. If we do not increase your search engine ranking or you are not happy with our service than simply do not continue. We will not remove any of the back links we created if you decide not to continue.


Here is an excellent infographic from titled ‘Why Content for SEO?’


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Brafton's Infographic: Why Content for SEO?