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Looking for a Montreal Civil lawyer? Find the best civil lawyers in Montreal in the list below. Cannot find what you’re looking for? Try the search bar on the top right or fill out the ‘help me find a lawyer’ form and we’ll help you find the right lawyer.

Adam Eidelmann

352 Avenue Dorval Bureau 207 Dorval, Quebec H9S 3H8

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Daniel Romano

2000 Peel Street Suite 205 Montreal, Quebec H3A 2W5

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Maurice Lasry

Centre Monkland 4260 Girouard, Suite 250/10 Montreal, Quebec H4A 3C9

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Neil G. Oberman

1255, Peel street, Suite 1000 Montreal, Quebec H3B 2T9

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Anthony Freiji

1980 Sherbrooke West, Suite 210, Montreal, Québec, H3H 1E8

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Armand J. Elbaz

1501 McGill College Avenue Suite 2900 Montreal, Quebec, H3A 3M8

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