Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law Definition

Personal injury arises when someone suffers from some kind of injury as a result of an accident e.g. slip and fall accidents auto accidents, workplace accidents or defamation. There are generally two types of personal injuries. These are:

  • Physical injuries
  • Psychological injuries

Therefore, it is extremely important that you hire the services of a personal injury lawyer whenever you suffer an injury due to an accident. A personal injury lawyer will not only help you claim what is rightfully owed to you, but help you recover from your injuries.

How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer

Selecting the right personal injury lawyer is a crucial task. Listed below, are tips and guidelines on how to choose the best personal injury lawyer in Toronto:

#1: How much is the attorney’s retainer?

The following are some of the questions that you can ask the personal injury lawyer when trying to determine their legal fees:

  • What criteria do you use to determine your legal fees? Do you require your clients to pay you on a weekly or monthly basis as a retainer? Will you bankroll the whole case plus expenses?
  • Do you require the client to pay you to cover the expenses incurred in the case in the event you are unsuccessful at proving the case? If not, can you put it in writing?
  • What percentage do you charge in contingency fee?

#2: How much experience do you have in respect to personal injury cases?

Experience is an important factor to consider when looking for a reputable personal injury lawyer in Toronto. Listed below, are some of the questions you can ask when trying to determine an attorney’s experience in handling personal injury cases:

  • How long have practiced as a personal injury lawyer?
  • Do you specialize in only personal injury law?
  • In your years of practicing as a personal injury lawyer, have you acted on behalf of insurance companies?
  • How many cases have you taken to full trial in the last five years and what were the outcomes?
  • Do you refer prospective clients to previous clients who have also suffered like injuries so that they can offer testimony in regards to your work?

Preparing to Meet a Personal Injury Lawyer

Your first meeting with a personal injury lawyer is important. The outcome of your first meeting will determine how soon your attorney can start pursuing the claims. Listed below, are some of the documents you need to carry when meeting a personal injury attorney for the first time:

  • Duplicates of police reports describing the extent of your injuries.
  •  Duplicates of hospital reports. This should include doctor’s reports detailing your diagnosis as well as prognosis.
  • Receipts of payments that you made to the hospital that attended to you.

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