What Do Immigration Lawyers Do

What Do Immigration Lawyers Do?

The goal of an immigration lawyer Toronto is to help an individual legally immigrate to another country and possibly work toward becoming a citizen of that country. The lawyer should have a solid reputation in the area of immigration law, along with a good working relationship with officials of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) Department.

Selecting an Immigration Lawyer Toronto

A reputable immigration lawyer Toronto should be able to provide proof of professional credentials as well as references that can be easily checked. It is important to conduct a personal interview with a prospective lawyer before hiring him or her for a particular case, and it is best if the initial consultation is free of charge. The lawyer should be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of current Canadian immigration law, and have a way to keep up with the latest policy changes affecting potential immigrants. An experienced lawyer should have the ability to clearly explain the entire immigration process, and should make sure that all consultations are kept completely confidential.

Completing the Application Process

Prior to beginning the application process, an immigration lawyer will typically ask extensive questions about a client’s background and reasons for desiring to immigrate to Canada. This should help the lawyer decide which immigration category to choose to begin the process. A good immigration lawyer Toronto usually can give a professional opinion regarding the likelihood of an application being approved, although the lawyer should not make any guarantees. Basic responsibilities of the lawyer include gathering documentation required by the CIC, completing all forms and other paperwork, maintaining accurate records, verifying that the application is complete and submitting it to the CIC.

Following Up with the CIC

A competent immigration lawyer Toronto should respond immediately to any questions or concerns presented by the CIC regarding an immigration application. In the event that the CIC requests an interview with an applicant, the lawyer may obtain case notes from the CIC to aid in preparation for the interview. The lawyer typically will give advice on possible questions and suggestions for appropriate answers. Clients must be completely truthful when answering CIC questions. Whether the CIC has questions or not, the lawyer should track the application process, keep the client updated on the current status of the application and make sure CIC authorities are meeting proper work standards.

Moving to Canada

Immigration law can sometimes be complicated, but a good immigration lawyer Toronto may be able to simplify the process of moving to a new country and make the experience as pleasant as possible. Upon acceptance of an application, the lawyer should be able to assist in preparation for a mandatory interview with a CIC official at a Canadian port of entry. Additionally, an immigration lawyer may help a client locate resources that will help with assimilation into the Canadian way of life. The lawyer may go so far as to offer guidance to employment opportunities.

It is important to note that an immigration lawyer Toronto cannot promise that an application will be accepted and that an individual will be able to immigrate to Canada. The lawyer can offer a consultation, give his or her best professional opinion regarding acceptance of an application and walk with the applicant every step of the way through the immigration process.