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Write a Review

Use the search function to find the lawyer or law firm you want to write a review for. Below their profile you will see the review section. Simply write your review then post it by connecting with one of your social media accounts.

Why do I need to connect with social media in order to leave a review?

We want to make the review section of our website as legitimate as possible. By connecting with social media we can assure that the review is indeed legitimate and not a fake review.

How long does it take for my review to show up?

Usually your review will be live within 24 hours but could take longer. Our team looks at each and every review published to ensure legitimacy.

What if I don’t want to leave a negative review online using my personal social media account?

If you had a negative experience with a lawyer or law firm and wish to resolve it, contact us and we’ll be happy to contact the lawyer or law firm on your behalf and try to mediate the issue. You can also choose to file a complaint directly to the law society of upper Canada HERE or read frequently asked questions HERE

What if I cannot find the lawyer or law firm on your website and want to leave a review?

If you can’t find the lawyer or law firm on our website, simply send us an email at info@legalfind.ca and we will add them. Once we add them to our directory, we’ll send you a link to leave a review.